The Black Camel



On a mild Saturday afternoon, our initial plan was to walk from my spa appointment in Yorkville (my birthday gift to myself!) up to St. Clair station and potentially all the way home from there, but instead we found it rainy and rather miserable outside. We had considered stopping for our favourite Yorkville sandwiches at MBCO, but after spending lots of money the previous week on eating out and generally treating ourselves in the name of my birthday, we decided something a little cheaper made more sense. So, we headed north to The Black Camel – located right across from the Rosedale subway station. It’s a tiny little place that Adam had walked by many times on his lunch break but had never ventured into. With two tiny tables and a bar along the window, it’s clearly more of a pick-up/take-out kind of place – but we wanted refuge from the rain, and luckily there was a table free.

We got a sandwich each – I got the veggie option (tomato, red pepper, arugula and eggplant) with the basil pesto mayo. Adam got the roasted pulled chicken with fontina cheese, also with pesto. 

Very very simple sandwiches, but I don’t really mean that in a bad way. They were tasty – and really hit the spot on a rainy afternoon. The bread was good enough, the ingredients were of a good quality, and the pesto was very good. So if you’re ever in the Rosedale area looking for a quick bite to eat, check out The Black Camel.


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