The Big Ragu

The Big Ragu

The Big Ragu

Back in the winter of 2007, when Cari and I were first getting settled into our new house, we paid a visit to The Big Ragu, a small (no more than ten tables) trattoria on Lansdowne Avenue, just south of St. Clair West. We had a positive experience, but for whatever reason kept putting off a second visit.


When dinner plans finally materialized with our friends Shane & Mitzi, we decided to take them to The Big Ragu. We had the authentic Italian dinner experience: Sat down at 7:30, shared a litre of wine (montepulciano) and feasted on a delicious array of Italian delights. Cari and I shared the “magic mushrooms,” which combined two of our favourite things: mushrooms and goat cheese. For our entrees, Cari had gnocchi and I had quattro stagioni pizza. Before we knew it, we had sipped the last of our cappuccinos and eaten the last of our strawberry cake, and it was 10:30. Sometimes the best dinners are the ones where time stands still and flies by at the same time.


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