A weekend of baking…


No pretty pictures this time, but Sunday was filled with lots of lovely baking and cooking. A quick summary of what we made:

  • Blarney Stone Bread –  Very very tasty and rich bread. We made a 2-lb loaf, which ended up rising too much in  our bread maker, making the top unusable – but once we cut that off it was quite yummy inside. We used this loaf for Sunday’s lunch sandwiches (egg salad and cucumber with cheese) at the Neuman’s.
  • Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies – A simple variation on the classic Betty Crocker Oatmeal Raisin recipe. I’ve never been a  big fan of raisins in cookies, so the chocolate chips were a welcome substitution.  One batch made plenty to take with the sandwiches, plus leave a number for us to eat for the week.
  • Vanilla Yogurt – We’ve had a yogurt maker since December, and I LOVE IT. I try to make yogurt at least once a week – one batch usually gets both of us breakfast every morning with some granola. Speaking of granola…
  • Cinnamon Maple Granola – With our fresh yogurt, we usually have granola. We typically have bought the PC Organics Honey Almond Granola, which is YUMMY, but at $6 per (small) box, it gets pricey. So we took a shot at making our own. It turned out quite nicely. Next time I think we’ll try honey instead of maple, but it’s a nice treat.
  • Oatmeal Millet Muffins – These are good, but I don’t know that they’re top of our list for next time. We bought some millet a few months ago for some pumpkin millet muffins that were really wonderful, but we made these as we didn’t have an pumpkin on hand. The muffins taste great, albeit quite sweet, but the texture is a bit off-putting. Very very moist and sticky. If I make these again, it would be with a lot less sugar.
  • Light Whole Wheat Bread – Since we ate all of the Blarney Stone Bread on Sunday, we needed another loaf for lunches. This bread scared me. It only had 3 cups of flour total (2.5cups white, 1/2cup whole wheat) for a 1.5lb loaf, and in the bread maker it looked very wet and was a lot smaller than most dough balls for that size loaf. I actually was a bit worried I’d counted out the flour wrong and didn’t put enough in. Sure enough it rose. And rose and rose. The little wet ball of dough rose so much it tried to escape the bread maker, meaning once again, the top of the loaf had to be cut off. Bah! And while it tasted good, it was so airy it barely held together when being cut into sandwich slices. So, we’ll scratch that one off of the list for future weekly loaves…

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