Green Earth Organics



Yesterday I came home from work to a bin full of everything you see on the left – all organic fruit and veg from Green Earth Organics. We’ve been getting it for about 5 months now every other Friday and I’m still excited when I come home to our bin full of goodies. We leave the empty bin on our table in the back, and when we get home it’s magically been replaced with a full one! Yay!

In the summer I’d say it’s 90% local (from either Ontario or Quebec, typically), but in the winter we get things like mangos and avocado, which clearly has to travel.

I like that you can sub in things you don’t like if you check the list the week before, and you can add other grocery items onto your delivery if you want (though we’ve never done that). I also really like that we end up with stuff we’d never think to buy on our own, so while we could choose to sub those things out, we instead get an excuse to find new recipes and learn to cook with new foods… like how much of a pain in the ass it is to start with a whole pie pumpkin. Next time I’ll just buy the can, thankyouverymuch. But we’ve also discovered we like the simplicity of cooking other types of squash, and having veggies on hand for throwing into whatever we might be cooking.

We do definitely supplement our veggies a bit from the grocery store, but a big part of that is that we eat vegetarian at home – so the two of us do use lots of vegetables in everyday cooking.

If you’re in the Toronto (or Vancouver) area, I’d definitely recommend you check it out. We get the smallest bin for $37. If you do join – please list us as referrers! The account is under Adam’s name.

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