Homemade noodles for Fettucini Primavera


Perfect Saturday Evening

We’ve made homemade pasta a few times, and I dare say we’ve finally gotten the knack for it. Homemade pasta is one of those things that even two years ago I would’ve thought was a crazy endeavor. Sure, my mom had a pasta maker – and we would once a year laugh our way through the ridiculous instructions for making the dough. You’re supposed to beat an egg inside of a pile of flour. Which, while it always seemed to work well for Mario Batali, just didn’t work for us. We’d end up laughing hysterically with a counter covered in egg that had escaped over the edges of the flour tour… And even a dozen eggs later when we’d eventually get the dough to get a decent consistency – the process took a while. One person manned the hand crank while the other cautiously fed the dough through the pasta maker, and a few hours later you’d have homemade noodles. 

Granted, the process led to some pretty amazing pasta, but it was a process. It took hours. Then I discovered two things that made homemade pasta a much more realistic endeavor:

Step 1

Step 1

1. There is a much much easier way to make the dough itself – with the food processor! Put flour and salt into a food processor fitted with a plastic blade, and slowly pour the egg in while it runs. Eventually you’re supposed to end up with a nice ball of dough. It’s not quite that easy for me – I usually end up with many many small balls of dough, but it’s pretty easy to take out and mash together into a nice solid ball.

2. This is a miracle – a pasta roller attachment to our KitichenAid stand mixer. It’s so easy! You turn it on and it suddenly becomes a one person job, and you can get a whole pound of pasta rolled out in 30 minutes or so.

On Saturday evening, Adam and I decided to make pasta from scratch for a nice relaxing evening in. A really lovely and simple fettucini primavera, which definitely benefits from using the freshest ingredients and homemade pasta. It turns a fairly boring meal into something really special.

Here’s a few photos of our adventures in making pasta!

Not looking so good... yet

Not looking so good... yet


While it always turns out well in the end, this is how it always starts out… weird and in many little clumps. Luckily once I pull it out of the food processor and knead it a bit by hand I always end up with a nice solid ball. 




First time through

First time through




The next step is to feed the dough through the pasta maker. You start with it quite thick, and each time go a step thinner. 






That's a lotta pasta!


Yup – that little piece of dough ended up this big in the end! In fact, I think this was step 7 of 8.








Cutting into Fettucini

Cutting into Fettucini

Pasta drying on our super fancy drying rack.

Pasta drying on our super fancy drying rack.



And finally, we cut it into fettucini by changing the rolling head to one that cuts it as it goes through. We also ahve a spaghetti cutter.



Then we cooked up a few veggies (which we got in Friday’s delivery) with a bit of cream and tossed it with the cooked pasta. Homemade pasta cooks very quickly – it’s in the boiling water for only 30 seconds to a minute and it’s just right.

And finally, we have a lovely meal! Which clearly, Adam enjoyed…


He likes it!

He likes it!

3 Responses to “Homemade noodles for Fettucini Primavera”

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  2. Amber Says:

    That picture of you with the dough over your arms is hilarious!

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