More cooking from scratch: Hamburger Buns


img_3069In part two of our “things you wouldn’t usually think to make from scratch” weekend, we made up some hamburger and hotdog buns! With the bread maker, it’s quite easy. It had a few unusual ingredients (dry milk, potato flakes), they turned out just about perfect.

The first step was pretty simple – take the dough out of the bread maker and cut it into 12 equal portions (this is from 2lbs of dough). Then shape it into a bun shape – either round and flat for hamburgers, or long for a hotdog. Then cover with plastic wrap and let rest for about a half hour, glaze with a bit of egg yolk with water and sprinkle sesame seeds on top. They only baked for about 20 minutes, and came out golden and lovely.

I made some veggie burgers for myself – easy enough that I’d definitely do it again, but maybe not exactly the same. A pretty simply recipe from Mark Bittman – 2 cups beans (choice on type – I used red and black), one onion, 1/2 cup oats, salt/pepper, 1 egg, and 1 tbsp chili powder. All ingredients go into a food processor and are pulsed until chunky but not puréed, then shaped into patties and cooked for 5 minutes per side. Overall a very good texture, but a bit too much hot spice without enough other spices. Next time I’d reduce the chili powder and add some garlic or other flavour.

We had a friend over for BBQ Sunday for lunch, and I think he enjoyed his burger and homemade bun.




5 Responses to “More cooking from scratch: Hamburger Buns”

  1. Erik Says:

    Yum! Do the homemade buns taste any different/better than storebought ones? Potato flakes…interesting! Hope you keep cooking!

    • Cari Miller Says:

      I definitely think they tasted better than store bought… very fresh! More like real bread. Then again, maybe we just weren’t buying the right store bought brands 😉 It was our first attempt using potato of any form in a bread recipe – though a number of recipes do call for mashed potato.

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