Inside Number 71: The Mantle


We’ve been in this house just over two years, and are starting to feel like we’re outgrowing a few of the decorative choices we made when living in our shoebox apartment. We’ve been making little changes here and there that we’re pretty happy about, but are always on the lookout for more ways to make our home feel more “us”.

Our biggest concern of late is that the main level of our house is a bit too… dull. It needs more colour. More life! We have fairly beige walls, with a sage green couch and chair, and a number of brown accents – including a lot of wood.

The biggest piece of art we have is a large square canvas that lives above the mantle. And while I still like it a lot – I’m not thrilled with the colour pallet of browns and beiges. We’ve been on the lookout for something new for awhile, but nothing has really hit us yet. It doesn’t help that we’re not too keen on spending a lot of money – and it’s a fairly large piece.

Anyway, all of that said – we made one (very minor) change today that I think I’m happy with:





Yeah – the change is very subtle. A new vase and a small bird-shaped candle holder. A good change? I hope so.

Besides changing the large piece above the mantle, we also want to swap out the artwork in the dining room:


Dining room art

Dining room art

Nothing wrong with them, it’s just time for a change!


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