Sunday Night Dinner: Mole Enchiladas


Mole Enchiladas is the first dish I ever made Adam that I was truly afraid he’d hate. It’s an odd dish, and one that looks, well, disgusting. But… YUM! And luckily – he agreed with me! Unfortunately none of our friends that we’ve forced it on have been big fans, but that’s alright. We still enjoy it.

Mole is a Mexican sauce made from cocoa. It’s quite bitter, and usually has quite the kick to it. You find it in Mexican restaurants sometimes – but almost always paired with chicken, which doesn’t help me so much… so, I’m glad we can cook it at home and keep it veggie.

Our concoction is not something that has much of a recipe, really. It changes every time we make it – but it’s a very simple throw together meal, so long as we have a few key ingredients:

  • Black beans
  • Tortillas
  • Something spicy… jalapeño or green chilis
  • Cheese 
  • Mole sauce, of course

Other than that, it’s really whatever you have on hand. In this particular batch, we used some leftover mixture of black bean, red bean, and onion which had been pulsed a few times in a food processor. Then we threw in some avocados, because we had some to use, and some mushrooms.

And yeah – I’m sure you could make homemade mole sauce. And I’m sure that would be way better and all, but the stuff in the jar is so darn easy.  We always buy the Doña Maria brand, which comes in paste form in a little glass jar. You mix it with veggie broth (I think it’s 3 parts broth 1 part paste), and after letting it cook for a few it turns into a thick black goo. Or should I say, a delicious thick black goo!

Pour the goo over the pre-assembled enchiladas, bake in a 350°F oven for… a bit. Maybe 20 minutes? Until everything is bubbly and the cheese is all melty. Then, enjoy!

Eeeeew! But... YUM!

Eeeeew! But... YUM!

If it helps, don’t look at the plate. It looks so gross. Really.


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