Summer Walks: Corso Italia to The Junction & High Park



Our route

Our route

Today we took advantage of the lovely weather for a nice long walk. Hopefully there will be lots more of these in the months to come. According to Google maps, our total walk was about 11kms or 7miles. Not too shabby.

We walked from our house to the Junction and were impressed with how much the area as developed since we were last there. Lots of great furniture shops, an impressive used book store with a nice vinyl collection, coffee shops, and more. Then we popped down to the Neumans’ for a quick visit before trekking back. Took us about two hours to get to Pacific Ave/Bloor with lots of moseying and stops along the way, and almost exactly an hour to get home with no stops. 

And yeah, we know it’s not summer yet… but that’s ok.


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