Summer Walks: Corso Italia to the Danforth


We did a lot of walking on Saturday. We started with the fairly brief walk over to Green Barn Market, about 3 1/2 kms total round trip in the morning. That was nice and leisurely – a good way to start the day.

Then we decided to walk to our friend’s party at Danforth & Broadview – now that is a walk.


8.5km walk

About 8.5kms in total. Go us.

A few interesting things of note:

  • We stopped into Sonic Boom for Record Store Day in hopes of picking up an exclusive single – Elvis Costello – but no luck. Ah well, we’re saving up for Amoeba next week. (Ok, Adam is saving up)
  • We went to Grassroots (both of them, actually) in attempt to get some soapnuts. I’ve been reading about them and want to give them a try – they are the only place I thought might have them locally – but no luck. Both were out of stock. I did find something containing soapnuts at a few other places, but it wasn’t in raw form… it seemed to be ground up and pre-measured into pouches. Eh.
  • There is an amazingly crazy house on Shaw north of Bloor. Big and white with odd sculptures out front. What’s with Greek people wanting everyone to know they’re Greek?
Seriously - what's up with this?

Seriously - what's up with this?

  • Apparently it takes about 2 hours to walk from our house to Ankle’s apartment – and yet the only part that feels long is between Sherbourne & Broadview.
  • We went to Kalyvia for dinner and had a super-fast and cheap meal. A filling trio of pita & dips plus salad for me and gyro for Adam. Very yummy and only $30 – and we were out of there in about a half hour.

Today was also a fabulous day – but no time to post about that now. In all, a fantastic weekend. I wish every day could be such fun.

2 Responses to “Summer Walks: Corso Italia to the Danforth”

  1. Sunday Dinner: Six Friends & A Baby « Life at No. 71 Says:

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  2. Amber Says:

    That is a weird first post.

    That house was in My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Big surprise, right?

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