Eating in L.A.


Cari and I are big food people, so it’s only natural that one of our favourite things to do while traveling is try new restaurants and return to places we’ve enjoyed before.

Canter's Deli

Canter's Deli

After exploring the shops along Abbot Kinney Blvd. in Venice with Cari’s mom, Art and Art’s son John, John suggested on our way to The Grove that we stop for lunch at Canter’s deli.  Obviously none of us took convincing, so away we went to the 24 hour Canter’s, which first opened its doors in the 1930s and quickly became a fixture of the community.  Cari ordered a tasty avocado melt and her first egg cream, while I went with a Downtowner (lots of corned beef on rye with a slice of swiss cheese on it.  Blasphemous I know, but boy was it tasty).  To wash it down I had Dr. Brown’s black cherry… from the bottle!


The adorable cartoon Paco

The adorable cartoon Paco

Several hours later, we were at it again.  By this time we had dropped off our earlier company and met up with Dan and Liana for dinner at Paco’s Tacos.  Paco’s is Dan’s favourite Mexican place, and I had been and enjoyed it before.  The hour wait only served to give the four of us some time to catch up.  By the time we sat down at close to 9 PM we were all quite hungry, so we shared two delicious plates of melted Mexican-style cheese (one with chorizo, one without).  Cari had cheese enchiladas, while I had a beef chimichanga and chile relleno.  And of course we had to go with margaritas on the rocks.  Yum!


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