Amoeba! Amoeba! Amoeba!

Amoeba Records in Hollywood

Amoeba Records in Hollywood

There was a time, back when I had a mostly disposable income, that I would make bi-monthly trips to Sam The Record Man and other Toronto music stores and load up on CDs, usually four or five at a time.  As I’ve moved into adulthood and life as a homeowner, I’ve come to realize that a heavy sense of responsibility weighs on my conscience when it comes to buying music.  I still support musicians with any chance I get, but I rarely allow myself to buy impulsively anymore.

Two or three years ago, when Cari and I first visited L.A. together and stayed with her brother, Dan took us by Amoeba Records in Hollywood.  I had never heard of Amoeba before, but Dan promised I would love it.  I did, though I was so overwhelmed by the size, selection and prices of used CDs the store carried, that I felt faint and overstimulated.  When we returned on our last visit in June 2008, I still felt like a kid returning to his favourite candy store, but I had equipped myself with a list of items to look for.  This made it a lot less nerve-wracking though equally hyperactive.

We knew Amoeba had to be a part of this visit, and yesterday morning was my chance to go nuts.  Before we left, Cari handed me an envelope with an early birthday present: $100 to spend at Amoeba.  Huzzah!

Everybody has their own strategy when confounded with thousands of used CDs.  Mine was to grab a basket and load anything that looked remotely interesting into the basket and ultimately narrow down my choices to a number that fit my budget.

It wasn’t an easy decision, but ultimately I ended up with:

  • American Recordings, Johnny Cash
  • The Complete Goldwax Records Singles, James Carr
  • Live at the Apollo, James Brown
  • Duet for Guitars #2, M. Ward
  • Moon Pix, Cat Power
  • Lost In Space, Aimee Mann
  • Bone Machine, Tom Waits
  • Back To The Egg, Paul McCartney & Wings
  • Either/Or, Elliott Smith
  • Fox Confessor Brings The Flood, Neko Case
  • Everybody’s In Showbiz, The Kinks

Once that was all done, Cari convinced me I should pick up an Amoeba t-shirt, which I did.  Then Dan handed me Writer’s Block by Peter, Bjorn & John and a reusable Amoeba tote bag.  Thanks, Dan & Cari!

My Amoeba Haul!

My Amoeba Haul!


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