Events at 71: Wine Tasting

All of the wines        

All of the wines

Last night we hosted our 2nd annual wine tasting. We kept it very casual – we just asked everyone to bring a bottle to share, picked up a few snacks, and passed around glasses for everyone to sample and encouraged people to discuss what they liked and what they didn’t. I think it went well – and I discovered a few new wines, which to me means it was a success! I hope others had fun as well.

As far as food, we warned everyone ahead of time not to expect our usual over-the-top food planning. Apparently to us that means just not making everything from scratch and just going overboard with store bought stuff. In the end we had:

  • Lots of cheese: A log of goat cheese, a chunk of 5 year old cheddar, and a wheel of brie which we baked… YUM. Ashley also brought a nice wedge of asiago.
  • Three dips: spinach, asiago artichoke, and hummus with pine nuts. 
  • Lots of bread-ish things: Pita, a baguette, two types of flatbread, and a box of assorted crackers.
  • Olives: plain pitted black, and almond stuffed green
  • Berries: Strawberries and blackberries

And of course, the main event – the wines. With a few of my tasting notes. Of course, I didn’t write anything down – so this is all from memory… if anyone has anything more to say let me know!

  1. La Vieille Ferme, Cotes Du Luberon – 2008
    This was our first contribution – a wine we were introduced to by our friend Kristin and we’ve had many times before. As Kristin introduced it this way – we lovingly refer to it as the “Chicken Wine” because of the label. It’s a nice crisp white. And when it’s crisp, that to me means it’s got a bit of an apple-y taste to it. Quite a nice summer wine.
  2. Gabbiano, Pinot Grigio – 2008
    After the Chicken Wine, we had the Red Knight wine. This was a very light Pinot Grigio. Tasty, but nothing really that special.
  3. Angel’s Gate, Gewurztraminer – 2007
    I like Gewurztraminer, but often find it way too sweet. This one was quite nice – not too sweet. Nice and drinkable. 
  4. Henry of Pelham, Chardonnay – 2007
    I love a nice full and oaky chardonnay – and this one was no exception. It had a really nice bite to it. Very lovely.    

    A farmer riding a bee!

    A farmer riding a bee!

  5. 20 Bees, Baco Noir – 2007
    This one won for the best label of the night. Very silly label – and the 4 tastings already in us made us all find it far too funny. It was a nice Baco Noir as well.
  6. Peller Estates, Baco Noir – 2008
    This one didn’t have the hilarious label, but it was very good. Definitely one to remember. It may well have been my favourite of the night.
  7. Santa Alicia, Carmenere – 2007
    This one was Adam’s favourite of the night – and my second favourite. It was quite pepper and smoky – and just… yummy. A lovely heavy red wine that would work perfectly with a nice juicy steak (that is, if I ate steak).
  8. Santa Alicia, Merlot – 2007
    I remember very little about this one – good or bad.  
  9. Wolf Blass Yellow Label, Merlot – 2006
    Definitely the best Merlot I’ve had. A nice full red.  

Overall a great evening. Thanks everyone for their contributions – and hopefully everyone left with at least one new bottle of wine in their list of favourites!


2 Responses to “Events at 71: Wine Tasting”

  1. Adam Says:

    The cheeses were awesome.

    Also, that photo of the bottles is awesome.

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