Summer Walks: Corso Italia to The Annex

Our walk - May 3rd, 2009

Our walk - May 3rd, 2009

Not a hugely exciting walk this weekend – but it was still nice. We did the same route there and home – a total of about 8kms.

Our best discovery of this walk was a market on Christie between Dupont & Bloor: Fiesta Farms.  I had no idea this place existed – but it seems pretty fabulous. It has a huge garden center, but is primarily just a giant grocery store. It clearly focuses on organic foods, but it isn’t exclusively organic. We picked up groceries for a simple dinner on the way back.

We also stopped at Pain Perdu, a small french bakery along St. Clair to pick up some dessert. We’ve passed this place many, many times but this was our first time actually stopping in… and wow. If the desserts we picked up taste close to as good as they look? I’m excited! It was a good sign when the woman working behind the counter spoke in a very thick French accent. It wasn’t cheap – we spent $14 on three pretty small things – but the quality looks amazing. We got a lemon tart, a mocha eclair, and a bag of meringues. 

We needed to get to the Annex to go to Grassroots, an environmental products store that had called me to let me know that the soapnuts I’d had them put on hold had come in. Yay! I’m excited to try soapnuts – the online reviews I’ve read so far sound pretty awesome, so fingers crossed!

And now we’re home, sipping leftover wine and eating meringues while Adam works on some work projects he brought home and I post to our blog and work on Relay For Life volunteer stuff. What a great weekend!


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