Failed Attempts, revisited: Yogurt


A little over a month ago, I posted about my failed attempt at making yogurt. I finally tried again last night, only to yet again wake up to a pretty unchanged milk slosh.

But this time, I learned something due to Adam’s brilliant observance: “It doesn’t feel as warm as it does when it’s worked in the past… more room temperature…”

Uh, hello light bulb.

The friggin’ yogurt maker  ISN’T WORKING. The light comes on, the timer counts down – but the base isn’t heating up at all. I may as well be placing a milk/yogurt mix on the counter overnight. I can’t believe it took three attempts to figure this out.  So 14 cups of milk and  1.5 cups of yogurt starter later, I’ve figured it out. (Ok, ok – Adam’s figured it out. Fine.)

I’m losing ground at arguing that the yogurt maker saves us money, huh?

Emailing customer service today… fingers crossed.


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