Thursday Night Barbecue Club

Note: this is not our backyard. But it is some of the people we would like to have in attendance!

Note: This is not our backyard. But it is some of the people we would like to have in attendance.

Cari and I have a somewhat ambitious plan for this summer.

Every Thursday (unless otherwise specified), we will be spending our evenings in the backyard; eating barbecue, drinking wine or beer, and relaxing.  Anyone who is able to join us is encouraged to, whether it’s every week, or just once in a while.  If it rains, we’ll just move ourselves inside.  But on virtually every Thursday night between June 4 and September 3, we will be doing this.  Some come and join us!

All we expect from our guests is *some* contribution, whether it be meats (or veggie alternatives) to be grilled, salads to be shared, or drinks to be consumed.  The idea is to keep things super casual and just give everyone a chance to drop in and enjoy the company and the atmosphere.

We’re not going to ask for much advanced notice, and each week we’ll send out a reminder (which may just be in the form of a Facebook status) indicating that the particular week is on.  Just drop in and enjoy!

The first of our weekly barbecues will happen on Thursday June 4.  We’ll start grilling around 7, but show up whenever.  We hope to see you then.

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