Summer Walks: West Queen West to Queen West

Victoria Day 2009 Walk

Victoria Day 2009 Walk

Not such a lengthy walk today, a little over 5kms total (2.5kms each way), but a productive one. We didn’t have a whole lot of time to devote to walking, but it had been awhile since we’d made it to Queen West – so we drove down and parked just outside the Drake Hotel at Queen West and Beaconsfield and walked down to Spadina and back. A few highlights:

  • We stopped into Urban Barn and picked up an awesome decorative accent piece: A bright orange and very happy Buddha. I’ve always been a bit on the fence about Buddha knick-knacks for decor… but… I can’t look at this guy and not smile. He’s so happy!
  • Look at that smile!

    Look at that smile!

  • We grabbed a bite to eat at The Dog’s Bollocks, primarily because the name is pretty awesome. A really nice solid pub meal with great service – Adam had a burger which he seemed pretty wowed by, and I had a simple grilled cheese. A nice relaxing and yummy break from our walk.
  • That’s… about it. I guess it wasn’t so productive. But it was a pretty awesome couple of hours.

2 Responses to “Summer Walks: West Queen West to Queen West”

  1. Amber Says:

    That’s our neighbourhood!

  2. Cari Miller Says:

    And a good neighbourhood it is!

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