BBQ Club: Part 1


The first of our weekly summer BBQs was last night… what a great evening. Thanks to those of you who were able to join! 

Nothing too exciting this time… our menu was pretty simple:

  • Burgers: Lick’s Homeburgers and Lick’s Natureburgers
    Happy to support Lick’s more than ever now. Their burgers are not only crazy tasty – but they are a food sponsor for this year’s Relay For Life. I’m happy to find more excuses to enjoy some Lick’s goodness.
  • Hamburger Buns: Homemade, of course
    This is actually the norm for us now… it’s so easy! And so tasty! (…and it leads to the obvious-but-ridiculous joke about everyone enjoying my firm and tasty buns) I made them bigger than the recipe called for this time – making 10 from a batch instead of 12. Worked out well.  Next time perhaps I should try a whole wheat variety? Hmmm.
  • Salad: Super super simple – mixed greens with oil and balsamic.
  • Dessert
    – Emily’s yummy yummy homemade blueberry apple pie! Photos coming soon!
    – Homemade strawberry ice cream. Turned out well!

We also had a nice mix of beer, wine, and soft drinks. A delicious and relaxing evening.


One Response to “BBQ Club: Part 1”

  1. Amber Says:

    Thanks again for a great bbq! We had a lovely time, and aside from pothole hijinks on the Dufferin hill coming home, all-in-all a great night.

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