A late lunch at Stockyards


It’s not every day that an exciting new business moves into our neighbourhood, so when Cari and I first noticed Stockyards on our walks to the Green Barn farmer’s market, we knew this barbecue joint was something we needed to check out soon.

A few days ago, I was flipping through the pages of Now Magazine and stumbled upon this glowing review.  Apparently we really needed to give this place a try!

So today, after spending hours in our backyard garden planting, we decided to reward our efforts with some tasty barbecue at Stockyards.  We were greeted by Tom Davis, the owner/chef I had seen profiled in Now just that week.  He apologized in advance, telling us that because of the success of the previous night’s rib night, many of the menu choices were unavailable.  Hardly fazed, Cari and I were glad to hear that business was going so well.

I placed our order at the front and chatted with Davis about the Now review, the Friday night barbecues (soon to be expanded to other nights as well), and the fact that he roasts and smokes his own meat behind the restaurant.

Then we chatted with the cook as he prepared our lunch: a caprese sandwich for Cari and a hamburger with aged cheddar and smoked bacon for me.

Both were absolutely delicious:

We also both had homemade limeade which was very good.

Just as we were finishing up the last of our meals, we overheard someone asking if they sold their own meat.  Apparently the owner used to sell his meat at St. Lawrence Market.  Go figure.

Definitely a great place to have in the neighbourhood, Stockyards is located at 699 St. Clair West.  Hopefully next time they’ll have the pulled pork and pastrami for me to try.

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