Our Garden, Week-by-Week

Adam prepping our garden plot.

Adam prepping our garden plot.

We are *far* from amazing gardeners, but we were lucky enough to end up with a house that has a nice big garden plot in the back. We’ve gardened with varying success every year – and this year we’re going to try to keep better records of our successes (and failures) in the garden.

We’re going to try to document our gardening attempts for a few (good?) reasons:

  1. We have a lot to learn. Maybe others reading will have tips/tricks for us to try and improve.
  2. It will keep us on top of things. If we vow to take photos every week, well – we’ll want to make sure the garden is nicely weeded before we take the photos, won’t we?
  3. It will be interesting! Well, it will be interesting for us. We’ll get to see how much change is noticeable over just a week’s time.

We may not post about our garden every single week – maybe every other week – maybe once a month, but we will have photos for every single week. 

This weekend we finally planted. A bit later than we’d like, but I think we’re finally past the fear of too-cold overnight lows. So, what did we plant?

The veggies ready to be planted.

The veggies ready to be planted.

  • Tomato: A must for us. We ended up with 8 plants – 4 roma and 4 regular tomatoes. 
  • Eggplant: We’ve never done eggplant before… hopefully it works out for us! We got the classic variety.
  • Zucchini: We had AMAZING success with this last year. It’s almost too easy to grow, and it grows huge. As a result, this year we only planted one.
  • Planting some tomato.

    Planting some tomato.

  • Cayenne Peppers: We’ve done sweet peppers before and have never had the best of luck. Curious to see how these work out! We planted 3 total – one in the main garden plot, and one each in two planters.
  • Romaine Lettuce: A big hit last year. We loved being able to walk out into the garden and get lettuce for a quick salad. It bolted towards the end of the year, so hopefully it’ll last longer this year. We planted 3 total.
  • Arugula: We wanted more types of lettuce this year, so we planted 4 arugula plants, and
  • Red Leaf Lettuce: 4 total – two in the main garden plot, and two in a large planter (which are probably too squished, but we’re trying).
  • Spinach: 4 plants total. I hope this works!
  • Basil: 4 plants total, two each in large planters.

We also have a rosebush, planted last year – that seems to be thriving. I should probably prune it back more, but I’m a bit intimidated about messing it up. Behind the rosebush there is also a small flowering vine, but I have my doubts that that is going to survive the season:

Our rosebush.

Our rosebush.

I can’t wait to get some roses from our garden in the house. There are a *ton* of buds, so I have high hopes.
And here is the entire plot on week 1, June 6th:

Garden Plot Week 1: June 6th

Garden Plot Week 1: June 6th

And finally – proof of why garden shoes shouldn’t have holes in them:

My feet, post planting.

My feet, post planting.


3 Responses to “Our Garden, Week-by-Week”

  1. Amber Says:

    I get that you want to diversify your lettuces, but may I point out that besides its exotic name, arugula is a bitter, weedy plant that tastes like dandelions? Many people don’t like the taste of raw arugula and I think you might be better served with some red sails, mingonette or watercress.

  2. Cari Miller Says:

    Well, we like arugula 😛

    We may expand to even more lettuce types next year – but these are all types we like and use in salads quite often, so it seemed like a good fit for us.

  3. Life at No.71: A Year In Review « Life at No. 71 Says:

    […] grandmother, watched our friend’s little one go from very wee to not so wee, honed our gardening skills (though we still have a lot of learning to do!), gotten the hang of canning and preserved some of […]

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