Our Garden, Week-by-Week: Week 4

Fixing the tomato stake

Fixing the tomato stake

It’s hard to believe four weeks have passed since we first planted our garden.  But many of the plants which started out tiny have grown to be three or four times their size.  The tomato plants are beginning to form little flowers, which is a good sign for an early crop, and the basil and red leaf lettuce is suddenly bountiful.  In fact, Cari just bought a big bag of pine nuts at Costco yesterday so we could make a big batch of pesto.

The rose bush continues to do remarkably well, though it seems to shoot off in every direction.

The only other update to our garden is the family of ladybugs we bought at Practical Art Gallery in Stratford last weekend.  It’s this adorable little gallery of critters and flowers constructed out of metal, run by the artist’s aunt and mother.

We look forward to seeing what happens to our garden over the next four weeks.  Hopefully we’ll start seeing some of our veggies start budding soon.

Photos for July 1st, 2009:

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