Mowlgi’s Tomato Sauce

A small fraction of our tomatoes.

A small fraction of our tomatoes.

A bit more canning lately to use up the last of our garden tomatoes. We sadly pulled up our tomato plants on Sunday… they were just looking far too sad though they did produce a lot of really yummy (though small) tomatoes this year.

We ended up making a full batch of 6 x 500mL jars of salsa (with the awesome label), and a small batch of tomato sauce. Bernardin said the recipe below would make 6 x 500mL jars, but we only got three and a bit. Of course, it was likely partially our fault, as we let it boil a bit too much. It was a bit sad to see a full 10lbs of tomatoes only make three jars, but at least it’s tasty tasty sauce, which made an amazing pizza base.

The recipe we used was the Seasoned Tomato Sauce from Bernardin’s Complete Book of Home Preserving. I think we must’ve let it cook too long, or at too high of a heat – because the bottom of the pan burned. A lot. All that really did was give the sauce a nice smoky flavor. And potentially ruin our pot. Ugh.



The dorky labels (and terrible photoshop jobs) continue. I also feel I should mention that yes, we do have two cats and we love them both equally. But only one of them seems to want to have involvement in our canning process, always hanging out in the kitchen and stealing bits of ingredients. As soon as Mingus shows interest, we’ll give her the naming rights on a canned good 😉

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