Honey Almond Granola

Clumpy Goodness

Clumpy Goodness

Is there anything quite as fulfilling on a weekday morning as a bit of vanilla yogurt and granola for breakfast?  It’s become a favourite for Cari and mine, especially since we’ve started to make our own yogurt.

But as much as we love it, we tend not to have yogurt and granola every week, partially because our preferred brand (PC Organics Honey Almond) retails at Loblaws for somewhere around $6.99 (which adds up when you consider that we get through most of a box by the end of a week).

We’ve only tried making granola from scratch once before, and the results did not satisfy us.  The granola lacked the flavour and the crunch of our usual brand.

This weekend we decided to try again, turning to Epicurious and this recipe, which includes honey, almonds, oats, sesame seeds, vegetable oil and cardamom (we omitted the fruit).  Verdict?  It’s actually very good – flavourful, and with its own fair share of crunchy clumps.   We found the trick was to push the granola down to the bottom of the pan in each step – when we first put it in the pan, after stirring it, and as it cools.

We look forward to saving a lot of money with this recipe!

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