Lebanese Stuffed Eggplant

Kind of looks like a monster, but very tasty!

Kind of looks like a monster, but very tasty!

There’s something very risky about cooking elaborate dinners on weeknights. Half the time, something goes horribly awry and we end up ordering a pizza after ditching the evidence.   Other times we finally sit down to dinner at 9 PM, only to eat a dish that didn’t prove anywhere near as satisfying as we had hoped.

Tonight, we managed to pull off a somewhat involved dish and really enjoyed it!  On a Monday night, no less!

I can thank Cari’s incessant blog hunting for this one.  Smitten Kitchen snagged this from Gourmet, and we adapted it to suit our needs (i.e. the one eggplant from our garden that has been sitting in our fridge, waiting to be used for something).

This recipe actually calls for baby eggplants, but I cut the quantities in half and ended up using one full-sized eggplant.  It actually worked perfectly fine, though I ended up with way too much filling, that we wound up eating on the side.  Due to our household’s vegetarian status, I also used ground round in place of the ground lamb/beef called for in the recipe.

The combination of flavours from the tomatoes, stock, allspice and pinenuts would make this filling great for any stuffed pepper or cabbage roll.  We’ll definitely revisit this one again.



One Response to “Lebanese Stuffed Eggplant”

  1. jojobickle Says:

    Wow, that looks delicious! I wish I still had some eggplants in the garden….maybe next season, or maybe I’ll try peppers. thanks for all the great recipes and pics.

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