(Prize Winning?) Apple Pie


At our apple day yesterday, Emily was amazing enough to make us some really yummy apple pie. Her pies were amazing. Not only did they taste great, but also looked incredible – she has a bit of a trademark of adding a special touch of design by carving a bit of leftover dough into something unique. This apple pie had an apple – leaf and worm included. She’s awesome, eh?

For our family thanksgiving dinner, we volunteered to bring the dessert – two pies. Pie #1: Apple! Could we do as good as Emily? There was a particular recipe I’d been eyeing since Leigh Ann over at Rosemary Kitchen, a blog I read posted about it a few weeks ago. A prize winning apple pie? Sign me up!

The full recipe can be found here (scroll to the bottom), and let me say… this is a very particular recipe. It’s certainly the first time I’ve ever put my food processor in the freezer before. I will say that as nitpicky as some of the instructions were – the crust was *amazing*. Really flakey and quite flavourful. Oh yeah, and it looked good:

Definitely one of the prettiest pie I’ve made before.

As for the rest of it – it’s quite tasty, but not award winning. I really liked the vanilla flavour in with the apples – definitely something I’ll do again. We used Matsu that we’d gotten at the orchard instead of Granny Smith. The tartness was right, but it may have been too juicy because while the pie was good, it was way too liquidy. I thought the cider mixed in would’ve thickened up while baking, but it just… didn’t. Beyond that, very very good.

Bad iPhone photo, but here are the insides:


Bottom line, a good pie, but maybe Emily’s was better.

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2 Responses to “(Prize Winning?) Apple Pie”

  1. Leigh Ann Says:

    I’m glad you tried this recipe! I hadn’t tried it when I posted about it, so I’m intrigued now. I may have to try it for myself… that said, it sounds like I REALLY should try Emily’s!

    • Cari Miller Says:

      The award winning pie really amazingly tasty -mostly just too liquidy. I think using a less juicy apple than Matsu would help. Also, don’t necessarily include all of the liquid from the apple/cider/cream mixture. I considered leaving some of it out, but again, thought it would thicken in the oven. Oh well.

      I will say, though, that the pre-baked apple mixture was *so* good. I may do that again just to serve over ice cream 🙂

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