Need to Make That


If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been pursuing blogs a lot lately. Most of the recipes I post about these days are from other bloggers and it seems I always have a list of “OMG NEED TO MAKE THAT” on the go.

What’s on my current list?

  • Sharing Bread, from King Arthur Flour’s blog. I’ve been wanting to do breads with a starter for awhile, and have had a packet of sourdough starter on hand for most of the year – I just haven’t done it. Maybe this recipe will nudge me towards it. I don’t always need to make breads in my beloved bread maker, right?
  • Anna’s Vegetarian Chili. Looks yum. Enough said.
  • Thanksgiving Mini Pot Pies. Adam always needs to reel me in when planning our annual US Thanksgiving dinner with friends, and while he insists that the turkey and mac & cheese we’re planning is enough – I kinda want to squeeze these in too. They look so good!
  • Crumpets! With all of the apple butter we have on hand now, we need something like crumpets to eat them with. I made simple baking powder biscuits last weekend to enjoy with it, but mmmm, crumpets.
  • Date Spice Loaf. Perfect fall food. Though is it weird that I kind of want to try it with something other than dates?
  • Crème brûlée ice cream. Yes please? Ok, I need to find an occasion to make this for…

Oh yeah, and since learning that garlic does best when planted in the fall I kind of want to plant garlic this weekend too (though clearly not to the same scale that they did!)…

So can I have a two weeks off and an army to feed so I can do all of the above?

Editing this post to add one a few more:



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