Baby It’s Cold Outside: Ideal Warm Cocktail



Hot Nuts

Ok, so it’s really not that cold out there yet. In fact, this may be the first November in years that Toronto has gone snow-free. But we are getting into the time of year when it’s dark by the time we’re home from work, and just cold enough that the dark walk home makes you want something to warm up with when you get through the door.


Enter the world’s best (and simplest!) warm cocktail: Hot Nuts.

This was introduced to us by my mom, and while I’ve seen other fancier recipes out there, this version is too simple to mess up and too yummy to bother changing. We decided to bring out this winter cocktail early this year partially because Adam happened to be bringing home a small container of whipping cream for a bread pudding recipe I was making (which includes a yummy and decadent bourbon sauce, which has a few tablespoons whipping cream…mmmmm, can’t wait to eat that tonight!). With whipping cream being the only ingredient we wouldn’t usually have on hand, I thought this the perfect chance to make up one of these yummy desserty warm cocktails. Here’s the deal:

  • Get a kettle going with boiling water.
  • Fill up a lowball glass about halfway with Amaretto
  • Fill up the rest of the glass with boiling water, leaving a bit of room on the top.
  • Put a dollup of fresh whipped cream on top . (No, it doesn’t *need* to be fresh whipped. Use the stuff out of the can if that’s what you have on hand.)


5 Responses to “Baby It’s Cold Outside: Ideal Warm Cocktail”

  1. Laurie Says:

    Yum! I am totally making these soon!

  2. mom Says:

    just to clarify- the recipe I make for hot nuts included rimming the glass with lemon peel – probably fine without but if I get credit for the recipe…

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    […] Time for cold weather and lots of winter-y dishes – soups, crisps, and of course, cozy warm cocktails. So when this Lemon Curd recipe popped up on David Lebovitz’s blog, I knew I had to give it a […]

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