Organic Milk Taste Test



Organic vs. Regular milk

In reading up a bit about what is “worth it” with organic and what isn’t, and one thing that keeps showing up on lists is dairy in general. We recently decided that we want to at least try to go with organic milk, preferably a local brand. I’ve also heard that organic milk tastes better than “regular” – is this true?

We just came home with our first batch of organic milk from a local supplier – Organic Meadow brand skim milk, from Guelph, Ontario. We compared it with the last of our old batch of milk, a non-organic certified skim from Beatrice.

Could we tell a difference? Eh… sort of. Not a huge difference by any means, but I would say that the organic tasted a bit fresher and well, milkier. As in, unless I had them side by side I don’t think I could say which was better – but when comparing immediately next to each other the organic is certainly what I would pick.



2 Responses to “Organic Milk Taste Test”

  1. mom Says:

    so you compard it with the last of our “old batch of milk” and the organic tasted “fresher” duh….

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