This Week’s Haul


Between our first Green Earth Organics veggie delivery in a while and our first visit to the Green Barn Market in months, we ended up with quite the haul. Having just perused Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything Vegetarian, we’re inspired to try a bunch of new things using some ingredients familiar to us, and some not so much. What we have to work with this week:

This week's haul

From the left (sort of): Local farm eggs, chestnuts, mustard greens, sourdough bread, broccoli, celery, israeli couscous, bulgar, molasses, red leaf lettuce,beets, mango, pomegranates, zucchini, cucumber, butternut squash, apples, potatoes. Woo! I’m excited to eat/cook this week!

One Response to “This Week’s Haul”

  1. pleasefeedme Says:

    This haul looks gorgeous!!

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