Almond Cake with Cranberry Orange Sauce



Have you noticed I seem to have a few favourite sources for my recipes? Bittman’s How To Cook Everything Vegetarian,  Smitten Kitchen, all things Moosewood… they all make their presence very known in my kitchen. The above is no exception.

Adam and I hosted a dinner for another couple last night, and while we’d already figured out our main meal (Chicken Parmesan, homemade spaghetti, and Casa salad), I didn’t have a dessert. But then I opened up Smitten Kitchen and the perfect dessert for our Italian-themed meal was right there: Almond Cake with a Cranberry Sauce. Oh yes. And it turns out, this last minute dessert decision was the highlight of our meal.

I tweaked the cranberry syrup with a bit of orange zest which gave it a bit of a nice citrus punch. I should mention that the cranberry syrup was not a sweet syrup. I was actually worried upon first taste that it wasn’t going to be very good, but it really was a perfect pairing with the almond cake. I puddled the syrup underneath the almond cake, then topped it with some fresh whipped cream (didn’t have time to make the suggested crème fraîche, which as it turns out is very easy to make and I’ll need to make soon!).

The cake was wonderfully moist and not too sweet, with a nice crunch of toasted slivered almonds on top. The amaretto was a really wonderful addition, which provided a hint of something special. Highly, highly recommended. Oh and did I mention that it’s a very very pretty cake? I guess anything with a dusting of Confectioners’ sugar looks pretty.

I didn’t tweak the recipes at all, so rather than just re-post her recipes, I’m simply going to link to them here with a great big recommendation from me. Go make this cake. Soon!

Almond Cake Recipe

Cranberry Sauce Recipe


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  4. Betsy Says:

    So I was googling almond cake for cupcakes I’m thinking of doing and your blog totally came up on the first page of found items 🙂

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