Red Velvet Cupcakes



Yesterday evening, Adam and I had plans to meet up with some friends that were thwarted by work. Adam had a bit of a crisis at his office meaning he had to stay late and potentially work over the weekend as well. I reluctantly cancelled our plans (the Neumans had even gotten a sitter! Sorry, guys!) and tried to come up with something I could do to make his evening a bit better, and to give a great big THANK YOU to his coworkers who had jumped in to help, staying as late as needed to get it done. The plan? Red Velvet Cupcakes. I know Adam loves them, and I’d never made them before… and luckily we had everything that was necessary to whip up a batch (ok, except for a bit of butter, but the corner store is less than a block away… and we were light on the food colouring, but that’s minor).

I grabbed a recipe from Epicurious that was courtesy of the Magnolia Bakery, so I figured it had to be good. The recipe for one batch was supposed to make 2 dozen cupcakes, but… I don’t need 2 dozen, and only have one pan, so I just made 1 dozen humungous cupcakes, and pitched a wee bit of the batter.

I will say that this probably wasn’t the wisest of recipe to make when I was in a great big hurry. I wanted to get them done and delivered to Adam’s office before they finished up (though, of course, I didn’t know when that would be), and it was a bit of a time consuming process. Especially the frosting, which involved cooking a bit of roux (is it still called roux when there isn’t any butter in this step?) and letting it cool before completing the recipe. The completed texture was just right though – and it was a really nice frosting. The only change next time? A wee bit more vanilla.

Ready to go into the oven

The verdict? The cupcakes were good, but didn’t have the rich cocoa flavour that I’d expected. The texture was great though, and they puffed up nicely. The frosting was probably the highlight, which was a really nice buttercream-esque topper, which was a nice difference from the usually overly-sweet icings I have with cupcakes. Overall, a very good recipe. Next time I won’t make them so huge, but I’d recommend the recipe on the whole.

The worst part of all of this? After all of that effort, I missed his coworkers by about 5 minutes. So, I may be sending cupcakes with Adam to work on Monday morning! Or, ya know, if anyone wants to come over and eat cupcakes this weekend, that’s cool too!

I made no changes to the recipe, so I’ll just post links here:

Red Velvet Cupcakes

Creamy Vanilla Frosting (I made a half batch)


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