Mushrooms on Toast



One of our favourite things about living off of St. Clair is that we’re within walking distance to the Green Barn Farmers’ Market at Artscape Wychwood Barns.  Of course, with the weather being as cold as it’s been, we decided to cop out this weekend and drive over.

A constant and popular presence at the Green Barn market is St. John’s Bakery (otherwise located on Broadview Avenue).   It’s hard to pass up a really good quality loaf of bread for $5.50, even if we typically enjoy baking our own.

You can’t miss St. John’s Bakery at the market; as soon as you enter the doors on the left side of the front of the building, you’ll see a huge amount of bread and a pleasant vendor with a wealth of knowledge of his wares.  We decided to treat ourselves to a loaf of multigrain sourdough even though we didn’t really know what we were going to do with it.

Then I remembered an episode of one of those Gordon Ramsay shows where he taught someone about a simple, rustic lunch that involved frying up a slide of bread, topping it with garlic-cooked mushrooms.  We went even further by adding shaved parmigiano reggiano and a little bit of truffle oil.  Simple, delicious, and perfect on a cold winter’s day.


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