Revisiting Recipes


One problem with blogging about what we cook on a regular basis is once we post about something once, we don’t post about it again.  And while we do enjoy trying new recipes and being experimental, the reality is we always strive for recipes that we *can* make again and again. Things that can fall into a fairly regular cycle of things we cook, making weekly plans quick and easy, and always be confident that what you’re going to be cooking is a hit. So many weeks we end up only posting new recipes on weekends, because that’s when we tend to experiment and go all out elaborate meal plans – and the rest of the week we just cycle through recipes we’ve already made a dozen times.

These are the recipes we deem worthy of our “regular” rotation at the moment, and it tends to change every couple of weeks as we add new regulars and put a few we get sick of on hold for awhile:

  • Couscous with Broccoli and Walnuts – We only posted about this one this week, but it was probably the third time we’d made it. So so quick and easy. Also, it’s healthy and cheap – so who could ask for more?
  • Hot, Sweet, & Sour Chickpeas with Eggplant – We’ve made this one twice already, and I would happily make it again in a week or two. Again, it’s super quick to make, and we tend to have most of the ingredients on hand at all times, except for eggplant – which is easy to buy. It’s also a fairly interesting dish – it’s essentially just a simple curry, but with really interesting flavours going on.
  • Soup: We like to have soup once a week -especially in the winter- and lately we’ve cycled between the Curried Carrot Soup, Creamy Potato Leek Soup (which we just made last night, and the Artichoke Soup Provençal.
  • And while we haven’t posted the recipe yet (coming soon!), a new addition to our cycle is a Chili-bean quesadilla. It has everything a weeknight meal should have: It’s cheap, fast, and tasty. A pretty simple dish using poblano peppers, and it’s helped us discover that poblanos are kind of awesome. If we have tortillas on hand, this recipe will be a part of our weekly plan, nearly guaranteed.

Having easy fall back recipes really is key, otherwise we end up visiting our favourite Falafel/Shawarma place a little too often. (We can get dinner for both of us for around $10! And it’s good!)


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