Jamaican Jerk Chicken


Jerk ChickenWhile Adam was totally fine with my meat-free ways (honest!), there are a few things he’s been a bit excited about now that I’m eating meat again. Buffalo Chicken Wings was one, and Jerk Chicken was another. Lucky for him, we visited Duff’s (his favourite since forever) a few weeks ago, and just this evening, we tried our hand at Jerk Chicken. It turned out great! We served it with a somewhat “meh” red beans & rice – need to find a better recipe for that next time. Overall though, a great meal.

We actually began it last night, as it could marinade for up to 24 hours, and it made tonight’s cooking a breeze – so we’ll definitely do this one again. I’m getting more confident with this whole cooking meat thing, though we’ve really only done it a handful of times so far. We got our whole chicken from Rowe Farms, which is sold at Fiesta Farms.

I didn’t alter this recipe at all (beyond cutting it in half), so it can be found here. My only adjustment would be for the sauce – it has you mix the jerk seasoning with a full cup of ketchup… which ended up tasting like what it was: dressed up ketchup. Eh, we coulda done better. The seasoning/rub on it’s own, however, was fabulous (though spicy! That’s what we get for using a scotch bonnet… good thing we like spice!). A pretty easy meal that we will be having the leftovers of tomorrow night.



One Response to “Jamaican Jerk Chicken”

  1. kseverny Says:

    it seems like a tasty dish to try out.
    i might have a go

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