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April 15, 2010

Adam and I have been bad bloggers of late. Our last blog post was 3 weeks ago. We’ve just not been in a cooking mood of late. Following our break in early March, we’ve just not be as in love with all things domestic as usual. And in general, everything in our lives seems to just be busy these days. Work has kept us both a bit frazzled, my volunteering duties with Relay For Life is kicking into high gear (we’re 2 months away! Eek!), we just spent a weekend visiting my family in Indiana, and suddenly we’re finding our weeknights busier and busier each week. This week has been a prime example of our lack of wanting to cook:

  • Monday: Pizza before our weekly Italian lesson
  • Tuesday: I was out at a Relay meeting – Adam got shawarma
  • Wednesday: A last minute stop at the grocery store resulted in a huge pot of pasta with meatballs and italian sausage and a kit salad. Not exactly creative, but easy and tasty.
  • Thursday: We picked up burgers from a local pub

That’s right – we’ve barely cooked all week. A pretty sad state for our kitchen.

BUT. We have pushed ourselves to cook on weekends, and have a remarkable number of plans with friends over the next little while. So, posts currently in the works:

We hope to get all of those posted by the end of the weekend, and then to push ourselves to actually cook during the week. We have a number of food related events over the next month, so that should inspire us to get back to it a bit more as well. I miss this aspect of our lives, and with the weather warming and BBQ season coming back, I can’t wait to see what tasty goodies we come up with over the next few weeks.