Garlic Cheese Flatbread



Mark this as another “Cari sees a recipe on a blog and sends it to Adam, who is instantly convinced they need to make it immediately.”

Oh man. This was a good one. It’s a pretty simple bread recipe and if you have a stand mixer and have over an hour before you’re looking to eat, it’s super easy. The melted cheese and chunks of garlic baked right into the bread were simply heavenly. I will say though that I probably should’ve mixed some of the chunks in by hand a bit – as I ended up with most of my cheese and garlic chunks on top and bottom of the bread – and the ones on the bottom stuck to the pan pretty badly, even with the oil coating. Ah well.

We planned a meal out of this bread, which included meatballs in a cheesy tomato sauce for dipping. A very cozy meal, which on day two became meatball sandwiches. MmmMm. Yes please.


A great big thank you King Arthur Flour’s blog for this one. We’ll ignore the fact that I don’t regularly buy King Arthur Flour, and recipes usually turn out just great with my cheap no-name flour.

The full recipe is here, and the blog post outlines a great method for turning leftovers into breadsticks – which I may do today. The only change to the recipe I made was using bread machine yeast instead of instant yeast – and it worked just fine. Oh, and I omitted the “pizza dough flavor” – whatever that is.


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2 Responses to “Garlic Cheese Flatbread”

  1. fattydumpling Says:

    Haha, that happens to me too, food blogs are such inspiration–or at least their serenades to foods are so convincing, that you can’t help but believe them and desire to try out the recipe yourself ;] Kinda like this yum garlic cheese flat bread that you’ve got here…

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    […] of garlic in most of the jars regardless, so they should pack a strong garlic punch, and you know we like […]

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