Eating & Drinking in Italy, Part 1: Il Pozzo in Sorrento


Life at No. 71 has returned from two weeks on the road!


Cari and I have spent the last two weeks enjoying the food and culture of Italy.  We started in the Campania region, near Sorrento, before making our way to Tuscany and an unbelievable villa near San Gimignano.  In a country known for its wine and food, it was a mouthwatering experience that we will talk about forever.  Since this blog usually centres around food, we thought we’d take you through our experiences with food – both at restaurants and back at the villa. To give the highlights their proper due, we’ll devote one post to each great experience.

Il Pozzo, Sorrento (website)

Until recently, we haven’t been good about remembering the good restaurants we come across while traveling outside of Toronto. Il Pozzo was an exception. After visiting in April of 2003, we went out of our way to recommend this restaurant to pretty much everyone we knew who visited Sorrento since. This includes Cari’s mom (and therefore all of her clients), both of my sisters, and my cousin. Everyone we know who has visited had a good experience. And why wouldn’t they? The food is delicious, authentic, and economical! We were thrilled that our first visit in over 7 years was just as good as we’d remembered (if not better!). Of all of our Sorrento dining experiences on this trip, this was by far our best.

What we ate:


I ordered spaghetti with a zucchini and cream sauce. It was delicious, and quite light despite the cream.


Cari ordered this “Sorrento-style” gnocchi – and as far as we could tell that just means that it’s a baked gnocchi with lots of cheese and tomato sauce.

The highlight of the meal actually was our starter, and the hardest to photograph! After we enjoyed ours, my sisters ordered one for themselves as they were so enthused by the dish. It was a fairly simple eggplant parmesan, prepared in a much different way than we’re used to at home. I wish we had even an inkling on how to recreate it. All we can remember is that it’s heavier on the sauce and lighter on the breading and cheese than you’d typically find in North America. The sauce was absolutely mouthwatering:


We were thrilled that Il Pozzo lived up to our memories. Sorrento has become quite a tourist destination, so finding a good restaurant that retains some authenticity isn’t always easy. Il Pozzo is tourist-friendly (ie, they speak English and have English menus), but not overly compromised. A definite keeper!

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