Eating & Drinking in Italy: Gelateria Wars (in Sorrento)


I think this kid would vote for Bougainvillea as the best!

Earlier this week, we blogged about Il Pozzo, a restaurant we had remembered from our last trip to Sorrento.  Another place that left us with fond memories was Bougainvillea (website), a gelateria with dozens of great flavours.  We visited Bougainvillea a number of times on our last trip and were eager to return.

Since our visit, my cousin Rachael and her boyfriend Adam discovered another place called Gelateria Davide (website).  Having tried both gelaterias, they claimed this place was the best in Sorrento.

We took this as a challenge to decide for ourselves which of the two gelaterias reigned supreme.

The truth is, it’s impossible to conduct a fair taste test without trying the same flavours at both places.  And while I often default to pistachio and Cari to dark chocolate, with so many other flavours to choose it’s rare that we don’t mix it up.

We declare this battle between Bougainvillea and Davide a draw.  Done.  We will visit both on our next trip to Sorrento and see if we have changed our minds.  We invite you to do the same!

Some photos from then & now:


We were dorks even then!


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7 Responses to “Eating & Drinking in Italy: Gelateria Wars (in Sorrento)”

  1. nat Says:

    Dudes, it’s all about the melon flavour. I’ve never had melon gelato anywhere but Italy. But pistachio’s definitely up there.

  2. nat Says:

    Also, 2003 Adam’s hair = win

    • Cari Miller Says:

      Oh yes. It was full of win. This was actually growing out from when his youngest sister had cut it. Oh, Adam. Letting your sister cut your hair.

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    […] Read more about their gelato challenge here. […]

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