Eating & Drinking in Italy: Fattoria Montagliari



In a region known for its wine, it would have been a shame to not visit a vineyard. Luckily Adam’s mom was on top of researching options for every town we visited, and this vineyard was on the top of her list for a lunch stop after the Chianti Market. It proved memorable for a number of reasons.

First, we were greeted by who we can only assume was the owner and tasted some chianti. Adam obviously tasted a good bit more than I did since I’m pregnant, but the man at the vineyard teased me about it. He offered to show me photos of his wife and beautiful children, all of whom are fine after 9 months of a wine sipping mother. Needless to say, viewpoints on alcohol consumption while pregnant are different in different parts of the world! Adam purchased a bottle of 2003 Chianti Classico to remember our experience (and so I could have some later!). Meanwhile we both marvelled at the shelves marked with wine dating back to the 1940s:


At the time, we joked about purchasing a 1981 bottle (both of our birth year), but laughed it off. Later in the week when Adam’s sisters visited the vineyard, half joking and half serious, Adam requested his sister purchase a bottle of the 1981 Chianti – if they could get it for less than €50. €49.50 later, the bottle was ours! We’ll be finding a time in 2011 to drink it in honour of our 30th birthdays. Hopefully it tastes good, but no matter what, it’s a good story.

Also up for tasting inside was a 30 year old balsamic that tasted unlike anything we’ve ever tasted. We couldn’t quite justify the €50 for the wee little bottle, but it was tempting.

The main highlight of this visit wasn’t the wine or the balsamic – it was lunch at the attached trattoria. It was here that we had our first taste of something we would revisit many times during the next week: pasta with truffles. Oh, truffles. Why are you so wonderful and yet so so expensive in Canada? In Italy we could get truffled pasta for €10, and it was heaven. Have I mentioned I love truffles?

Truffle Pasta

The funny part is, I didn’t order this one – Adam did. My dish was also fantastic – a ravioli in a walnut cream sauce. Had the truffle pasta not been on the table, this pasta would’ve been something I’d rave about. It just.. wasn’t… truffle pasta! I’m going to be dreaming about that truffle pasta for years!


And as if the amazing pastas weren’t enough – the desserts at this place were spectacular. We only had a taste of one of their specialties as we were simply too full to order one for ourselves, but Adam’s dad gave us a taste: Apple cake with gelato and balsamic.

Apple Cake

The apple cake wasn’t anything like what you’d find in Canada. It was very light and simply melted in your mouth.

Though we couldn’t fit in an apple cake, we did each order some gelato which was drizzled with gelato. Oh my. We need to try this one at home sometime:

Gelato with balsamic

While it’s impossible to pick one favourite, this meal certainly ranked up there as one of our best of the whole trip.  If we do make it back to Chianti (and we hope to!), this will be high on our list of places to revisit.  We can’t recommend it highly enough.

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