Eating & Drinking in Italy: Our Very Own Big Night


One of the activities my uncle and mother had planned from the beginning was to have the owners of the second villa cook us dinner on the last night when all 13 of us were together.  Although some of us would have another few nights at the villa, three were leaving the very next day.

Roberto, one of the owners of our villa in Tuscany, prepared one of the most memorable meals we had during the entire trip.  It really was our very own Big Night.

The menu:


  • primi piatti: pasta with tomato sauce (prepared by our chef’s mother!)
  • secondi: florentine steak with roasted potatoes
  • cake (which we later learned was called mille foglie, but we called it a cannoli cake due to its flavour and texture)

What a meal!  One aspect of Italian cuisine that we really didn’t take too much advantage of in restaurants was this whole concept of a full plate of pasta serving as a first course, to be followed by a meat dish.  Usually we opted for one or the other and still came out full.

Halfway through our pasta, Roberto came by to show us the huge hunks of steak he was about to prepare for us.  Easily half a cow.  Sheesh.  And yet my brother-in-law and I, as well as a few others at the table, actually accepted the offer of more pasta.  How could we resist?  So, so good!


I should also mention that the brothers who owned our villa also have their own winery and provided (for a small fee) many of the bottles we enjoyed while at the villa.

The hospitality and amazing meal is not something we would soon forget.  If anybody reading this happens to stay at Il Renaccio (and we suggest you do), make sure you take advantage of this great opportunity.

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