Eating & Drinking in Italy: The World’s Greatest Buffalo Mozzarella



“Wait… you mean buffalo mozzarella actually comes from buffaloes?”  It’s a question that has been posed to us many times during the planning, execution, and telling of our trip to Tenuta Vannulo.  I guess it makes sense that people would ask that.  Buffalo wings don’t actually come from buffaloes…

Our trip to Italy was an extremely generous undertaking on the part of the parents, so we were eager to do something to thank them and acknowledge their generosity.  Our initial thought was hiring a chef to come to the villa, but we soon realized that that was something they had already planned on.  Cari had remembered visiting Tenuta Vannulo, a buffalo mozzarella farm, as part of a tour group organized by her mom, so we decided that would be a unique and fun activity for the group.

The 13 of us piled into a van and set out for the buffalo farm.  Upon arrival, we were impressed by the facilities on the farm.  The buffaloes (which are actually Asian water buffaloes) are treated extremely well, using advanced technology for milking, grooming and lounging.  We also got to see the cheese actually being made.  Workers use their bare hands and endure extremely hot temperatures to mold and shape the curds into what we recognize as buffalo mozzarella.

As cool as seeing the buffaloes themselves and the facilities were, the highlight was definitely lunch.  Since Tenuta Vannulo will only sell and serve cheese on the day that it is made, we knew we were about to eat some of the freshest, best cheese ever.  Every dish we were served highlighted the cheese – from crepes filled with spinach and ricotta, to tomato salad with generous balls of mozzarella served alongside it.  For dessert we had yogurt and gelato made from buffalo’s milk that were just as fresh and delicious.


Despite a bit of a trek from our villa in the Sorrento-area, this was a great activity for the family and one we would definitely recommend for foodies staying in the area.


2 Responses to “Eating & Drinking in Italy: The World’s Greatest Buffalo Mozzarella”

  1. Amy / Mom Says:

    I, for one was one of those who had no idea that buffalo mozzarella comes from buffalos (and I thought I was a foodie). We continue to surprise our friends of this fact when we describe our surprise day.
    The trip to the farm was one of the highlights of this family trip. Mozzarella will never be the same (ok either will pizza or pasta).

  2. Guest Series: Eating & Drinking in Italy: The World’s Greatest Buffalo Mozzarella « Alison’s Blog Says:

    […] more about their experiences with at the buffalo mozzarella farm here. 43.670233 […]

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