Calzones + Beef Wellington = Wellzones!



You wouldn’t think a former Olympic athlete would inspire us to actually cook something, but we got this recipe from the unusual Food Network series What Would Brian Boitano Make? We’ve found ourselves watching this show more and more – and getting more impressed with the recipes he comes up with! This one combines elements of a calzone with beef wellington.

We’ve been wanting to make beef wellington for awhile now, but have been a bit intimidated by the process, and it’s also a big commitment for just two people. This recipe allowed us to make something similar that was portion controlled and quite easy. We even froze a few of them for consumption later in the week.

We made no adjustments to this recipe, so you can find the recipe here. One problem we did have was the puff pastry – the recipe calls for a one pound box, and what we got (which seems standard) had two sheets. In what we saw, his one pound box was one giant sheet – and cutting 6 circles out was much easier with one big than two small sheets. So if you get the option, go for a one sheet box.

Also – and maybe this is just our naiveté in being new to the meat-cooking world – we had no idea that filet and beef tenderloin were essentially the same thing. Luckily a nice butcher at our local grocer set us straight and we got a nice piece of meat that worked well for this recipe.

If you want to freeze this and eat it later – our method worked pretty well: Before baking, wrap tightly in plastic wrap and then seal into an airtight ziplock with as much air removed as possible and freeze. The day before you want to bake them, thaw in the refrigerator and cook as per the recipe’s instructions. The cheese sauce froze pretty well too, in a small tupperware.


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