End of the Week Sundae


Awesome sundae

Last week Adam and I were home on Friday night. It’s a fairly rare thing these days, so we decided we wanted to make it somewhat nice. Our dinner was a weeknight meal we’d had planned but had put off, and while it’s a meal we really enjoy – it wasn’t quite “special.” The perfect remedy for this? An awesome dessert. Oh yes.

Adam found this idea on epicurious, and oh was it tasty. A pretty simple caramel sauce mixed with toasted macadamia nuts and served over ice cream with sliced bananas? Yes please.

I’d highly recommend this “recipe” – though really all you need a recipe for is the caramel sauce, which came out wonderfully. Caramel sauce is so simple. The basic method: Warm sugar/water until it boils, let it simmer until it turns a nice amber brown, then stir in cream. Stir and continue to heat until caramel melts and there you have it! Caramel!

I’m not sure it was worth adding the macadamia nuts directly to the sauce – serving them over top with the banana would have been just fine.

I’d also say that while I love the idea of hot sauces over ice cream, I think I actually preferred this one on the cold side. It thickens up nicely when it’s cold, and doesn’t turn your ice cream into soup.


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