Mowgli’s Own: Our 2nd Annual Big Batch of Pickles



After making a whopping 30lbs worth of pickles last year, we celebrated the anniversary of that event with… another huge batch! In the end we timed it perfectly as we are just polishing off the last two jars from last year now. And yes, we gave a lot of the jars last year away – so we didn’t eat *quite* that many all on our own!

We scaled back a bit this year and stuck with about 20lbs, purchased at vegetable markets in the Bloor West Village area. Our initial plan was to go to Whittamores Farm for a pick-your-own, much like we had for raspberries and strawberries, but in the end we got the exact same price per pound at vegetable markets – with a fraction of the travel time and no work on our part. Score!

We were also a lot more prepared this year, with enough jars, dill, and other ingredients on hand, without us having to run out every other batch to get more. We did have one small mishap; we didn’t double all of the ingredients in the jars… so this year’s might not be quite as dill-y or mustard-y as last year, but considering how intense last year’s were, we’re not too worried. We did include extra quantities of garlic in most of the jars regardless, so they should pack a strong garlic punch, and you know we like garlic

Special thanks to Emily for helping us out again this year!

In the end we had 19 x 1L jars and 1 x 500mL jars, and while we won’t give away quite as many this year, we will still have plenty to share at BBQs and other events. Until 2011 when we go for round 3!


I also have to add… to make pickles nice and crispy, it is recommended you use a product called “Pickle Crisp”. We had searched high and low for it last year, and eventually gave up. After a bit of googling we had come to the conclusion that it had probably been discontinued so we didn’t even bother looking for it this year.

Guess what we found at the grocery store… a week after we made this batch of pickles? Yup. At least we have it for next year!


2 Responses to “Mowgli’s Own: Our 2nd Annual Big Batch of Pickles”

  1. Jimmy Cracked-Corn Says:

    Fancy labels!

    I can’t tell from the pictures if you did this or not, but I have read that if you want crispy pickles you need to be sure to cut a bit off theh blossom end of each cucumber. Apparently there are enzymes there that will soften the whole jar over time if you don’t cut them away.

    • Cari Miller Says:

      Very good tip – thanks, Jimmy.

      Last year we didn’t do that and had mixed results. Some were kinda crisp, some kinda soggy. It didn’t seem to be consistent based on the jar either – so who knows! Definitely something to keep in mind for next year.

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