Recipe-free Cooking: Fajitas



I take full credit for fajitas being a regular part of the Miller household.

Going back about 10 years ago, my mom asked my brother and I what we wanted for Christmas dinner. Neither of us were too big into the “traditional” Christmas roasts, so we opted for our favourite meal: Fajitas! It worked perfectly as I was a new vegetarian, and could substitute black beans in place of chicken or beef. The “build-your-own” aspect of fajitas makes it an extremely easy to throw together, and one that accommodates many different tastes.

Adam had a much different experience as he grew up only liking hard taco shells, never opting for tortillas. Lucky for me, he was open to try my family favourite during his first Fort Wayne Christmas, and it soon became a favourite of his too.

Here’s how we usually do it.

The only thing you definitely need for fajitas is tortillas. We usually go with flour tortillas, usually just a supermarket variety (we prefer whole wheat). When we’re looking for a treat we head over to La Tortilleria for fresh, made-that-day tortillas.

The only cooking required is to sauté up your veggies (we typically use onion, bell pepper, and mushrooms) and meat (strips of chicken or beef work nicely). We cook each in a spice mix of cayenne, onion powder, and garlic powder. My mom and brother usually get a fajita spice mix, but we usually don’t bother. If you want to keep it veggie, warm up some rinsed canned black beans.

Other that that, get bowls of all of the other goodies you want inside prepped. We like shredded cheese, sliced black olives, sliced jalapenos (from a can is easy), guacamole, sour cream, salsa, and sometimes chopped tomatoes and/or lettuce.

The assembly goes something like this:

  • Start with your tortilla, and slather down a layer of something saucy: usually sour cream or guacamole. Adam tends to do both. Salsa is good too, but we usually don’t bother as it gets drippy.
  • Add hot ingredients – sautéed veggies + meat or beans.
  • This is a great time to add a layer of cheese (preferably cheddar, but mozzarella and monterey jack works well too), as it melts a bit over the hot ingredients.
  • Top with remaining goodies: We use sliced black olives, jalapenos, and sometimes tomato and/or lettuce.
  • Roll it all up (if you didn’t over stuff it!) and dive right in.


So simple and so, so delicious. It’s a great “use up what’s in my fridge” meal, as it’s so wonderfully adaptable. There are literally dozens of options we didn’t list that can be added, and it can be changed on a whim to suit your tastes.

Perfect for a weeknight meal, a weekend meal, with or without guests. Goes great with margaritas (on the rocks, please) or your favourite Mexican beer.


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