They Call It Flan



I’ll admit, the first time someone mentioned flan to me, a supermarket-produced fruit flan popped into my head and I thought “Ooh, I like fruit flan.”  Little did I realize that flan (pronounced “flahn”) in the Mexican sense bears a striking resemblance in look and flavour to crème caramel.

This all started with the same process that led to Cari and I to make the indulgent End Of The Week Sundae some weeks ago.  We were going to spend our Friday night at home, eating fajitas and catching up on the week’s TV shows that had accumulated on our PVR.  Unfortunately we did glaze over the part of this recipe that read “chill until cold, at least four hours…”  Oops.

Anyway, we still went ahead and made the flan a few days later and it turned out really well.  It’s a recipe we’re happy to try again.  Not only is it super-easy, it only requires a handful of ingredients, all of which are always in stock at our house: sugar, water, milk, salt, eggs, vanilla.  That’s it!  We probably overcooked the caramel a bit, but it still tasted great.

Again, no adaptations on our part, so here’s’s Classic Flan Recipe.  Enjoy!



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