Cake Decorating for Food Network Canada


I love television.  I also happen to work for one of the largest Canadian broadcasting companies, which means virtually everything I do at work has to do with TV stations and shows.  My job is still a desk job that deals with a lot of numbers and charts, but every once in a while a fun opportunity to get involved comes around.

American audiences have been watching Food Network since its launch stateside in 1993.  Here in Canada, it was brought to cable providers in 1997 before being supplanted by a partially Canadianized version in 2000.  As it happens, Food Network is one of our properties, and as part of celebrations surrounding the 10th anniversary of Food Network Canada, a cake decorating competition was held for staff to get involved in.

I was recruited by Megan, a colleague and fellow foodie, who took the lead in coming up with the idea of decorating our cake with marzipan creations representing a variety of shows.  A hamburger, fries and slice of pie represented Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives, some pigs, pumpkins and a pitchfork represented Pitchin’ In and a measuring cup, cutting board, knife and some steaks and vegetables represented the many instructional cooking shows on the Food Network schedule.

We were extremely proud of our cake and had a lot of fun decorating it.  The biggest thrill of the event was that three Food Network TV personalities were on hand for judging.  David Adjey is a Toronto chef who can most recently be seen on The Opener.  Lynn Crawford stars in Pitchin’ In and has served as executive chef at the Four Seasons in both Toronto and New York. She and David Adjey have both appeared on Restaurant Makeover and Iron Chef America.  The third judge was Roger Mooking, host of Everyday Exotic.

We didn’t win.  We thought we stood a chance and very well may have ranked highly in the chefs’ minds (Lynn Crawford took a Blackberry photo of our cake, so that must account for something!), but top billing went to another creative concoction.  Oh well, it’s not every day that I get to go to the office, decorate a cake, and hobnob with celebrity chefs.


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