Penne with Poblanos and Chipotle Sauce



After making and freezing many batches of homemade tomato sauce, we’ve been relying primarily on what is lurking in our freezer for quick weeknight dinners. In other words, we’ve had our fair share of pasta with tomato sauce. And while it’s tasty, we were a bit ready for something new.

Adam stumbled upon this recipe, and it fit the bill well. It’s a southwest take on a pasta dish – with great smokey flavours along with a nice creaminess of sour cream. It kind of tasted like combo of a fajita and pasta. In fact, perhaps next time we should throw in some grilled chicken and serve with tortilla chips and guacamole on the side. Mmmm.

Best of all, it’s an extremely easy dish to throw together, and one I’m sure we’ll make again.

The only substitution we made was to use whole wheat pasta penne in place of ziti, and we used light sour cream instead of full fat. It made for a much healthier dish, and the whole wheat pasta held up well with all of the flavour going on with the sauce. I think it would work well with a variety of flavours – so feel free to play with quantities and flavours.

Full recipe: Penne with Poblanos and Chipotle Sauce


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