Hidden Treasure Cookies


Hidden Treasure Cookies

Every now and then, I find a recipe that screams “MAKE ME NOW!”. This one, sadly, was found when I had an oven that didn’t work. But I’m very happy to have had it be the very first cookie made in my brand new oven. These cookies were awesome. I say that as someone who is a huge huge fan of the peanut butter and chocolate combination – and really, if you aren’t as well, I don’t think we should be friends. Peanut butter and chocolate is just too good to deny.

These cookies did it all right. A nice chocolate exterior that hides the yummy, creamy, and extra sweet peanut butter on the inside. I held off to make these until we were having a few friends over – and sent the rest with Adam to work. I’m glad, because otherwise I may have eaten them all on my own. Oh were they good.

I made absolutely no changes to the recipe, so I’ll just link to the original in the blog Baking and Mistaking. A few of my notes:

  • I only got 25 cookies out of this recipe. I think next time I’ll up the peanut butter portion – as I couldn’t get more than 25 little balls out of the 3/4cup peanut butter/sugar mix without it crumbling.  There was more than enough chocolate to go around though, so some of the last few were enormous chocolate overload cookies.
  • Be very gentle when forming these. If you’re not careful, the peanut butter crumbles and you have a bit of a mess.
  • And also be gentle when squishing them down. Next time I think I’ll squish them by hand as they cracked a bit when I used the glass.

My friend Betsy also made these, and here is her thoughts on the very same cookie.

Now what are you waiting for – go make them yourself!


6 Responses to “Hidden Treasure Cookies”

  1. Emily Says:

    I MUST MAKE THESE!!!!! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Amy / Mom Says:

    Yum how would you like to make a batch of these for our annual brunch? My favourite two flavours!

  3. Baking and Mistaking Says:

    Glad you liked these! I’ve made them a couple times since I loved them so much – and that’s saying something for me!

  4. 2010 Food-In-Review « Life at No. 71 Says:

    […] Hidden Treasure Cookies – From the outside, these look like little more than chocolate cookies.  Inside, however, is a nice surprise – peanut butter! […]

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