US Thanksgiving 2010



2010 marked the 6th year that Adam and I have hosted a US Thanksgiving dinner for our friends. It’s become a tradition we both really look forward to every year, and are so glad to have such great friends to share it with and really, be thankful for.

We kept things a bit smaller this year due to me being 8 months pregnant, but somehow even only having 10 in attendance we still managed to make way, way too much food. It is what Thanksgiving is all about, right?

We got to make the most of our brand new double oven, and kept both ovens full most of the evening. It was great to not have to limit the menu based on what needed baking times. This also marked the first year I enjoyed some of the turkey as well, and it was great! Big thanks to The Healthy Butcher’s roasting instructions and brine, our turkey was moist and delicious.

We’ll be posting a bit about a few of the dishes individually over the next week or so,  but first, our whole menu:

Appetizers for as people arrived:

  • Signature Cocktail: Gingersnap Martini (Good, but not fabulous.)
  • Warm Mulled Cider (Mmmm!)
  • Teriyaki Almonds
  • Crackers with homemade jellies
  • Stuffed mushrooms (Very tasty – recipe.)
  • Garlic Eggplant Dip with veggies

Main Meal:

  • Turkey
    Very, very good. This year we got it from The Healthy Butcher, and I think we may have to stick with them in the future. They were pricier than last year’s local offering, but they also did a much nicer job prepping it for me.  No quills to deal with, and we bought the brine direct from them – which turned out great.
  • Macaroni & Cheese – the classic.
  • Mini Pot Pie (for our one vegetarian)
  • Veggie Stuffing (Contributed by the awesome Adam A)
  • Carrot Souffle
  • Cranberry sauce (Thanks to Betsy’s suggested recipe)
  • Cauliflower (Thanks, Emily & Mike!)
  • Green Beans (Thanks, Emily & Mike!)
  • Mashed Potatoes (Big thanks to Matt for dressing these up)
  • Two types of gravy – 1 mushroom, 1 turkey
    So pleased with how these turned out. The turkey gravy was thrown together last minute with no recipe, and was *awesome*. It was simply turkey drippings, a big dab of butter, some flour, and some turkey stock. YUM!
  • Bubble Top Brioche Rolls (recipe coming!)


  • Individual Creme Brulee (Thanks, Diana!)
  • Apple Praline Pie… that wasn’t touched. Does baked pie freeze?

A great meal, and our cleanup is almost complete at 10am the next morning. Not bad!

Also wanted to send a huge, huge thank you to Matt & Anna for spending a chunk of the day with us helping us prep. You made the day so much easier for us, and we were able to relax a bit!

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